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Building on the .Net Framework

These pages are devoted to building application delivery infrastructure on top of the Microsoft's .Net Framework.  .Net gives us a great start but there is more work to do if you want to deliver a truly robust supportable business application.  These pages will consist of articles and code that build on .Net to deliver cost-effective solutions to business problems.

2/29/2004 Let's start with what's available on this site.  There are some routines available in the Tips and Tricks section: Creating a COM object in .Net based on its ProgID,  and Opening a Internet Explorer browser window to a specific URL. If you're interested in working with SQL XML you might want take a look at the download of a C# SQLXML WinForm program. It demonstrates the .Net managed classes for interfacing with SQL Server XML.

In the future look to this page to learn more about the .Net Framework, VB.Net, and C#.

.Net Resources

VB.Net Resource Page

.Net Development Utilities for C# and VB.Net

.Net Book Reviews

by Andy Oakley
Windows Forms Programming in Visual Basic .Net by Chris Sells and Justin Ghetland
Expert One-on-One Visual Basic.Net Business Objects by Rocky Lhotka
.Net Framework Security
Learning C#
by Jesse Liberty


Programming ASP.Net
by Jesse Liberty and Dan Hurwitz
Professional Crystal Reports for Visual Studio .Net
by David McAmis
Test Driven Development in Microsoft .Net
by  James W. Newkirk and Alexei A. Vorontsov

.Net Tips and Tricks for C# and VB.Net programmers.

Link to Solution

Subject of the Tip

Visual Studio .Net Solution Controls disappear causing seemingly random errors in multi-project WinForms solutions.
The project usually loads then random errors appear in the Task List and seem to tell you that controls are missing from your forms.
Top 10 List

What utilities should be on every developer's computer?

It really doesn't matter if you're doing .Net or any other type of coding, these utilities will help.

Visual Studio
.Net Solution
When deploying the Infragistics Controls for WinForms there's no Merge Module Supplied
Control size adds up when used in multiple projects. Use a merge module (MSM) to install one copy of the controls in the global-assembly-cache (GAC)
Visual Studio Solution

Visual Studio.Net doesn't have an easy way to find all occurrences of a class or method.

Sometimes searching the text of your program for a string match, particularly for method names, isn't very valuable because there are several methods that match the string.

Visual Studio .Net Solution

What do you do when a Windows Form (WinForm) won't enter the designer?

You see the standard class icon instead of the form icon and don't even get the chance to design the WinForm

Visual Studio Solution

Unable to emit assembly: Referenced assembly 'Interop....' does not have a strong name

Visual Studio will give this message as soon as you give your own assembly a strong name even though Visual Studio had created the assembly when you first referenced the COM dll.

List of Object-Relational Mapping Tools

Mapping between Business Objects and a Relational Database is difficult

Creating the Business objects and stored procedures to implement a n-Tier design is a lot of work. A tool that can generate the data tier can cut that down to size.  Here are some tools that I've evaluated for generating C# or VB.Net business objects.

C# Solution Opening a Internet Explorer browser window to a specific URL
C# or VB.Net Solution SEHException in System.Windows.Forms.UnsafeNamtiveMethods.DispatchMessageW
C# Solution How does one creating a COM object in .Net based on its ProgID?
Visual Studio
.Net Solution
Visual Studio.Net Solution Explorer's Font Size is too Small for Presentations


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