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Programming SQL Server with .Net
Revised April , 2011

Slides for SQLCLR and Download the Code

SQL Server, starting with SQL 2005, opens up the opportunity to run .Net code right inside SQL Server Engine on a par with T-SQL. This gives the programmer an expanded choice of programming language. This presentation shows you how to write C# or VB.Net routines and execute them in SQL Server as one of the supported SQL object types:

  • Stored Procedure
  • Scalar or Table User-defined Function
  • Trigger
  • User-defined Aggregate

Each of these objects has its own requirements .Net code to work in SQL Server. Included in the presentation are two key factors that must be accounted for in all SQL/.Net code:

  • Using SQL Types and .Net Types
  • Working with the SQL Server managed data provider

The presentation also touches on high level topics such as:

  • When is it appropriate to use .Net code versus T-SQL
  •  A preliminary look at performance of .Net code.

An older set of slides can be seen here: Slides are can be downloaded here .     Download Code Samples

Neils Burgland's SQLCLR Project has a VS project that is an alternative to the one supplied with Visual Studio.

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