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Building on the .Net Framework: Creating Professional WinForms Applications

The .Net framework is a great start for building business applications.  It gives you the tools but there's lots of work to be done before your application is:

  • Supportable
  • Maintainable
  • User-Friendly
  • Robust

What's more it shouldn't take to long to created.  The programming environment should enable applications to be developed rapidly.  This presentation is about the choices that have to be made and the framework that has to be developed to deliver a great application while making the application development process efficient.

The choices include solutions to handling:

  • Business objects, data, reporting business rules and replication
  • Presentation, user-friendliness
  • Supportability, tracing, command line parsing, and application lifetime management

The presentation discusses the choices made for a recent project that has resulted in a reusable framework for WinForms applications.

Download the presentation on Building Professional WinForms Applications

This is a sample no-touch deployment project that goes with the presentation.



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