In-Memory Tables with Natively Compiled T-SQL: Blazing Speed for OLTP and More


The SQL Server 2014 and 2016 Hekaton project brings us In-Memory tables and Natively Compiled T-SQL objects that run at amazing speed.  What you can accomplish is astounding. This presentation will introduce you to the Hekaton technology and show how big the differences can be and where you can put it to best use starting right now.

We’ll start with a review of In-Memory tables and how they work and how they achieve the ACID properties.  Then we’ll show how Natively Compiled T-SQL works with in-memory tables. How transaction-handling is different and then go over some of the limitations of the T-SQL in natively compiled code. Various uses cases will be demonstrated with code and benchmarks that will give you  ideas for adding In-Memory tables and Natively Compiled T-SQL your SQL databases.


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