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2009 Calendar

I hope you enjoy the 2009 calendar.  If you didn't receive one in the mail you can download and print one of these files:  

Here are the circled dates.  I'll fill in the Anniversary shortly before the date.

Date Anniversary
January 1 The Year 2000 Bug Didn't Happen

A lot of money was spent preparing for an anticipated crisis on January 1, 2000.  On that day the world's computer systems were going to grind to a halt because many programs weren't ready to handle dates beyond 1999. 

When the day arrived the crisis didn't show up.  Computer systems that weren't updated didn't stop working.  Sure there were a few problems, but not many.  I have a client that keeps an old UNIX workstation with the date dialed back to 1999 so he can use one problem program.  The event illustrated the power of hype and FUD (Fear, Uncertainty, and Doubt).

February 26 Microsoft moves to corporate campus in Redmond, Washington

They had been in Bellevue up until that time

March 13 Microsoft Stock Goes Public on this day in 1986

The weekly closing prices from that time up until now can be found here:

It looks like a share of stock that sells for on 3/10/2009 for $15.28 would have cost only 9.7 cents when it was originally issued.  That's adjusting for all the splits.  The original purchase price was $28.  That's quite a increase. 

April 2 IBM and Microsoft announce OS/2

Microsoft jumped ship in favor of Windows long time ago but you may be surprised to learn that IBM continued selling OS/2 until 2005.

May 23 1995, John Gage, director of the Science Office for Sun Microsystems, and Marc Andreessen, cofounder and executive vice president at Netscape, announced to the SunWorldTM audience that JavaTM technology was real, it was official, and it was going to be incorporated into Netscape NavigatorTM, the world's portal to the Internet.
June 22 1912 British mathematician and computer pioneer Alan Turing born.
July 10 1962, Telstar Satellite Launched
August 12 1981 IBM announces the 5150, the first IBM PC.
September 13 1956  IBM introduces the IBM 350 Disk File, the first hard drive as part of the IBM RAMAC 305 computer
October 17 Apple Launches a New Music Device - The iPod
November 15 1971, Intel Launches the First Microprocessor - The 4004
December 16 1947  John Bardeen, Walter Brattain and William Shockley invent the transistor at Bell Laboratories

The calendar design is by Cassidi Brickner of 10 Pound Gorilla


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