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I am available for a variety of consulting projects including working on your existing database to improve performance, improve security or optimize for size – or to create a new database. Below is an overview of the process we use in evaluating a database project.

Application Development / Database Design / System Architecture/ Complete Projects

Getting it right the first time is the best solution.

To do that you have to spend the time to:

  • Understand the business objectives from the users’ point of view.
  • Master the technology.
  • Use proven design techniques.
  • Adapt to the situation: the company, the people, and the problem.
  • Building business operational and analytic applications is my primary focus.

I’m available to work on multiple levels of your application but I’ve been concentrating on the database aspects of the application in recent years.

  • Requirements Gathering and Functional Design
  • Application Architecture including Web Applications, the X Internet, and let’s not forget good old Windows applications.
  • Database Design
  • Design Walkthroughs
  • Data-tier generation. Generate it, don’t code this by hand.
  • SQL Server coding including stored procedures, triggers, functions, SQLCLR, and Service Brofker
  • Business Layer design and development.
  • Application Development
  • Application and Database Tuning

I’ve built about 30 real-world production business applications with over 100,000 users. I’m ready to put some of that experience to work for your application.

Building Business Applications

That’s what I do! I work with the Microsoft Tools, mostly SQL Server, VB.Net, C#, ASP.Net, XML, and classic VB. My applications are used in a wide range of businesses. I’ll take on your small or large project and make sure it goes into production on time with a high degree of user satisfaction. This may require me to develop the application myself, or manage a multi-developer project.

Database Administration (DBA)

Need a DBA? Need some help for your DBA with a tough problem? I’m available for SQL Server database administration responsibilities and problem solving on an as-needed basis. I also have patience, and the experience to bring your in-house team up to speed.

Database Schema/Source Code Management

Managing source created in SQL Server is a problem for all development teams. How to handle the source code that’s embedded in views, tables, stored procedures, functions, and triggers. There are a variety of solutions. Let’s figure out the right one for you.

Problem Solving

Got a problem with SQL Server?  I don’t have a tech support line, but if you’ve got a problem that is:

  • Difficult to solve
  • Resistant to the standard solutions
  • Important to you

I’ve served as “the bug fixer of last resort” for many software development teams. If you need someone to “Wrestle that problem to the ground!” I might be the code warrior that you need.

Some possibilities are:

  • Performance problems.
  • Security issues.
  • General uncertainty about how to handle an issue.
  • Persistent database or communication corruption problems.
  • Problems maintaining database integrity.
  • Frequent deadlocking and blocking.

I promise to tell you what I really think. I don’t promise that you’ll be in love with the answer.

Installing and Managing Remote Databases

Installing and managing remote databases can be a particular challenge. I’ll help you set up the scripts and programs that you’ll need to handle the task.

Expert Witness

I’ve served as an expert witness writing expert reports and testifying as necessary. Of course, I only take on projects where my expertise and experience is relevant.

Custom Training Available

Novick Software offers training courses in these subjects:

  • SQL Server Programming
  • SQL Server Administration
  • Specific Problem Solving Scenarios
  • Specific SQL Server technologies:SQL XML, Service Broker, Partitioning, Query Optimization
  • User Defined Function
  • Stored Procedure and Trigger writing
  • Database Performance Analysis and Tuning

Courses can be tailored to fit your company’s specific training needs. The location can be on-site, off-site, or on-line. Some of these courses are offered in conjunction with training partners such as SysEd.

“Software performance was our single biggest problem. We did everything we could do in-house to get the database running like it should and really needed some help. You quickly pinpointed problem areas and your setup, index and query recommendations greatly improved the software’s performance.”
Daniel J. Mc Intyre, Vice President
Management Computer Services, Inc.

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