SQL Performance Management

Azure Databricks KKBox Hands-on-Lab with a comparison to SQL Server

I attended a webinar on Microsoft Databricks yesterday.  The only link I have is a zoom registration so you’ll have to search.  I’m sure they’ll run it again.  The hands-on-lab …

Comparing the Performance of Rot13 Implementations

The previous two articles have been devoted to implementations of the Rot13 cipher. This is a character substitution cipher that is used to obscure text strings in the Window registry …

SQL Storage Management

SQL Server Performace on Solid State Drives (SSD)

Solid State Disks (SSDs) are devices that take advantage of the high speed nature of flash memory chips to provide fast persistent data storage

sp_storage: A proc to manage disk space in SQL Server

sp_storage is a procedure that I wrote to help me manage available disk space on a SQL Server

SQL Coding Techniques

There’s an EOMONTH function in SQL Server, why no Start-of-Month function?

I responded to a posted question about the EOMONTH() function, which was: if there’s an EOMONTH function, why isn’t there a start of month function.
The reason is that DATEFROMPARTS does …

Using Column Permissions to Protect a Look-up Table.

This article continues where the last one left off. If you’d like and go back and read that one you can find it here.
In that article, an updatable view was …

SQL Security

“Software performance was our single biggest problem. We did everything we could do in-house to get the database running like it should and really needed some help. You quickly pinpointed problem areas and your setup, index and query recommendations greatly improved the software’s performance.”
Daniel J. Mc Intyre, Vice President
Management Computer Services, Inc.

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