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Partitioning SQL Server
Tables, Views and Indexed Views

This presentation is similar to the "Big Data" presentation that I did at SQL Pass 2008.  There is about 40% new material.

Partitioning techniques in SQL Server help the developer and DBA manage large quantities of data and improve query performance in a variety of situations.  This presentation demonstrates the techniques used for

  • Partitioned Tables
  • Partitioned Views
  • Partition aligned Indexed Views

Reasons for partitioning in both OLTP and data warehouse applications will be disused along with these topics:

  • Partitioning Basics
  • Hash Partitioning
  • Aligned vs. unaligned indexes
  • Index Views Basic
  • Index placement in Aligned and unaligned partitioning

The topics include features from SQL Server 2000, 2005 and new features from 2008. Come learn about these powerful schema design techniques.

Download the partitioning presentation slides

Download the SQL server partitioning examples

Andrew Novick is a developer/consultant with 25 years in the computer industry and a focus on SQL Server and Microsoft .Net.  His practice includes designing databases, query optimization, analysis of performance problems, and building business applications.  His writings include the books Transact-SQL User-Defined Functions and “SQL Server 2000 XML Distilled.  You can find additional articles on his web site:

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