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Create a User Defined Aggregate with SQL Server 2005

SQL Server 2005 allows the creation of User Defined Aggregates in VB.Net or C#.This article shows how to create a Product aggregate using the Beta of Visual Studio 2005.

Insering a VSS Label Every Day with A SQL Agent Job

When discipline is in short supply it may be better to turn to automation to eliminate problems.  That's just what happened when this program and SQL Agent Job were created.  The program creates a label in Visual SourceSafe every day.  The SQL Agent Job is used to make sure it happens every day.

Merge Module Project for Infragisitcs WinForms Controls

Combat bloated distributions by making your own merge module for the Infragistics Windows Forms controls. This Visual Studio 2003 project makes one for you, which can then be incorporated into setup projects with your WinForms applications.

SQL XML Utility in C#

This is a C# version of the SQL XML exploration utility from Appendix C of SQL Server 2000 XML Distilled.  The original was written by me in Visual Basic 6.0 and published in Appendix C to the book.  It used the XML extensions to the SQL Server OLEDB provider via ADO.  This one has the same functionality but uses the .NET SQL Server XML Managed Classes to process the queries, templates, and XSL transforms.  Of course, that makes it much simpler than the original.  The original version is part of the publisher's download for the book.  This version is delivered as source code.  

VB.Net Code Generated by DeKlarit

From the presentation on generating the Business and Data Tiers of an n-Tier application comes this sample of the code that Deklarit 2.2 can generate.

Code Download for Transact-SQL User-Defined Functions


This is the code that accompanies the book Transact-SQL User-Defined Functions.  It's mostly T-SQL Scripts that illustrate each chapter but also includes the sample database, Visual Basic program to create the sample COM objects, and miscellaneous other files.


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