This webinar is now available for viewing online at any time. (About 60 Minutes)

Some of the concepts we will cover include:

  • Ways to find code that’s slow:
    • DMV’s like sys.dm_exec_procedure
    • SQL Profiler and Server Traces
    • Extended Events
    • Writing your own logging code. (My favorite but it’s a lot of work)
  •  Functions:
    • Why scalar and TVF functions are slow
    • Finding high use functions with Extended Events
    • Rewriting Scalar or TVF Functions as Inline Functions
  • Stored Procedures
    • Ways to make stored procedures faster
    • TempDB
      • Why it’s different
      • @Tables vs #Tables
      • #Table Caching
      • Reducing I/O by removing Indexes on TempDB
      • Avoiding DELETEs from Temp tables
      • Using SELECT… INTO … instead of UPDATES and DELETES
    • Divide & Conquer Strategy using Service Broker

Each technique will be illustrated using real examples from Andy’s SQL Server development work.

View the video any time and learn how to improve your SQL Server environment by writing better code.